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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a student get started?

    Getting started is easy! For part-time students, look over the course list we offer—core courses and electives, regular credit or credit remediation—and then click the Enroll Now button. You’ll enter our enrollment system and then have the chance to add your selected course(s). Full-time students must complete the registration process which requires a bit more paperwork. Contact our admissions team for more information! And remember to check your email after registering!

  • When can students start?

    Global Academy is able to offer student start dates year-round to increase flexibility and meet each family’s preference for school calendar.  Global Academy was designed with families in mind, and our goal is to meet students where they are when it comes to start date, course duration, and pacing.  You can choose to continue to follow a traditional school calendar, or you can adjust your schedule based on the needs of your family, demands of your sport or activities, or for any other reason. Classes start every Wednesday of the calendar year with a few exceptions, so there’s always an open seat waiting for you!

  • How many classes can students enroll in?

    Part-time students may enroll in as many courses as you like. We recommend no more than 6 at once, since larger course loads are challenging from a time management perspective. Full-time student tuition covers 6 courses per semester, including ASU Online or Universal Learning Courses through ASU.

  • What type of students attend?

    Global Academy @ ASU Prep serves both full-time and part-time students from around the world. Students and families can enroll directly through us or through a partnership with their home school or district. We also serve international dual diploma seeking students. Students can accelerate their coursework or remediate as necessary.

  • What types of courses can students take?

    We offer a wide array of middle and high school courses to meet the needs of every learner. Please look at our course catalog to find the best courses to suit your needs!

  • Can I take college courses for high school credit?

    Yes! Part-time and full-time students can register for ASU Online and Universal Learner Courses. For part-time students, we strongly recommend consulting with your current school of record ahead of time to ensure that credits will transfer to them upon completion.

  • Is it ok to work ahead?

    It is ok to work ahead. When you register for coursework at Global Academy at ASU Prep, you’re entering a classroom of one. You determine your journey through the class, and you have a teacher who will work with you one-on-one to make sure you have everything you need along the way.

  • Who will my teacher be?

    We have many talented teachers on staff, and you will be assigned to one of their classes upon registration. Each of our teachers is committed to student success and you can learn more about a few of our dedicated professional educators in the Teacher Profiles section of our website!

  • Will students have a teacher for every course?

    Yes, you’ll have a certified teacher for every course who is a real person (not an AI bot!) that wants to help you succeed.

  • Are there opportunities to talk with my teacher?

    Yes! You can reach out to talk to your teacher any time you like. Whether you communicate via call, text, or email, your teacher is available to help with any questions you may have about your course content, provide tutoring on a concept that is giving you trouble, or discuss what you’re learning. Please note that our teachers live and work all over the U.S. and may not be up and working when you are. Please expect all communication to be returned within 24 business hours.

  • What is a Learning Specialist?

    Our Learning Specialists are dedicated education professionals who work with families and teachers to make sure students are achieving in their classes. They can help you get back on your designed pace, create a plan for success, and understand how best to manage your time while enrolled in an online class or classes. They can also coordinate information with your teachers, and assist our full-time students with a graduation plan.

  • Are assignments interactive?

    Yes, our digital courses are designed to keep learners engaged and active in the course.

  • How does grading work?

    We follow a ten-point grading scale (e.g. 90-100, 80-89, etc). Teachers grade submissions with 72-business hours of submission and provide actionable feedback for academic mastery.

  • Can a student with documented learning disabilities or emergent English language skills sign up for a class?

    We request that a documented disability or unique language learning need be indicated for students upon registration. Parents/guardians and partner schools are responsible to share that information and a copy of the student’s current Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan. Our instructional program offers all students, regardless of need, universal accommodations, such as: text-to-speech, extended time, individual support from a teacher, resubmitting/revising work, frequent breaks, etc. Other accommodations that students may require beyond our universal accommodation are subject to review. It is important to be aware that some accommodations may not be possible to implement in our program’s online learning environment. Students, families, and partner schools are responsible for ensuring that our program’s learning environment is the most appropriate, and to communicate questions to teachers or other school personnel to determine if our program is the correct fit.

  • Are there required live times that students have to attend?

    There are no required live times for Global Academy students. We offer live learning sessions with your teacher, but it is optional to attend. We recognize that all students are unique learners with busy schedules and we believe school should work for you, not the other way around.

  • Do students participate in high-stakes testing?

    Global Academy at ASU Prep does not require or participate in any high-stakes or state testing. Part-time students should ensure they are in compliance with testing requirements that apply to them in their home state and/or school of record.

  • What is the time commitment for each course?

    We recommend spending 3-4 hours a week on your online class.

  • How do I access my courses?

    Once you register for a course or courses, or as a full-time student, you’ll receive an email from us with your access details. Please remember to check your email after registering. All courses and course materials are 100% online; there are no textbooks, workbooks, or other required course materials to purchase.

  • What if a student gets behind?

    The great thing about online learning is that the course is open 24 hours a day. Getting behind can happen to anyone, and it’s ok. Your teacher and Learning Specialist will work with you to make a plan to finish the course in the desired timeframe.

  • How long are the sessions?

    Each half-credit course is designed to take 15 weeks to complete. A full-year course would take 30 weeks to complete, as designed. (e.g. A one-credit Biology course consists of two semesters of content. Students can sign up for one semester at a time. Students cannot sign up for less than one semester of course content.) However, in our classroom of one model, a student who wishes to complete the course in more or less time than the standard 15-week design is welcome to do so. We work with students and guardians to design progress plans that allow for the family’s preferred end date, and we encourage all part-time students to communicate with their full-time school of record, if transferring credit(s), if there is a timeframe in which course grade information needs to be provided. Please note that for accreditation purposes, students must complete a course within one (1) calendar year from beginning the course.

  • If I am a part-time student, how can I be sure that my current school will accept completed course credit from Global Academy at ASU Prep?

    We strongly recommend consulting with your current school of record ahead of time to ensure that credits will transfer to them upon completion. Global Academy at ASU Prep is nationally accredited by Cognia, included in California A-G, and core courses in the program are NCAA approved.

  • What is credit remediation?

    Sometimes life happens and you need another chance at success at a course. Credit remediation allows you to demonstrate to your teacher what you’ve already mastered while continuing to work toward mastery in all concepts in a course to earn all of the credits you need to graduate from high school.

  • What are the tech requirements?

    Students will need access to a webcam, microphone, headset, and printer access. Technology requirements are:

    Devices (Recommend a device that is 5 years or newer)
    Chromebook (must be equipped with a webcam, or utilize a plug-in webcam device)
    Microphone and webcam

    Operating Systems
    Windows 7 and newer
    Mac OSX 10.6 and newer

    Internet Speed
    High speed internet (recommended)

    Supported Browsers
    Internet Explorer 11 and Edge (latest version)
    Safari (latest version)
    Chrome (latest version)
    Firefox (latest version)

    Supported Browser Plugins and Settings
    Javascript enabled
    Flash – latest version is recommended
    1024×768 is recommended
    Pop-up blockers should be disabled
    Cookies should be enabled