Women’s Studies

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Women’s Studies is a one-semester course with 14 lessons that introduce students to women’s studies, gender studies, and gender roles. The course traces the history of feminism, analyzes feminist theories, and examines intersectionality. Students will learn about social and political movements for the rights of women and other vulnerable groups. Students will also learn about social and family structures and socialization, which includes identifying prejudices, biases, and stereotypes that exist in society, and how the media perpetuates some stereotypes about gender roles and identities. The course also covers social and family structures, different forms of oppression, ways to prevent oppression, and methods to help and empower victims. Students will learn about international activism for gender equality, legal rights, and the challenges in achieving equality for all citizens from every section of society. The course combines a variety of content types, including lessons, activities, discussions, and games to engage learners as they discover the significance of women’s studies.