History of the Holocaust

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This one-semester course is focused on the Holocaust, a tragic time in history that resulted in the killing of six million Jewish people in Europe. Students trace this period in history from the aftermath of the First World War to the roots of anti-Semitism and the rise of Adolf Hitler to the aftermath of the Holocaust. The 14 lessons in the course explore the history of the Jewish community in Europe and what they were subjected to at the hands of the Nazis, including their experiences in the ghettos, concentration camps, and extermination camps. Students learn about how Nazis victimized non-Jewish people who were against the Third Reich. The course also covers the Jewish resistance and their fight for liberation, the trials after the Second World War, and the impact of the Holocaust on the world. This course combines a variety of content types, including lessons, activities, discussions, and games to keep students engaged as they trace this tragic period in history.