Guitar 2 A/B

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Are you ready to take your guitar playing to the next level? Whether you want to play guitar for your family and friends, desire to be a professional performer, or just love playing music, this course is a great place to continue your journey towards musical excellence. You will build on the fundamentals of music and the basic skills necessary to play a wide variety of music styles. Student guides, Carlos and Ariel, will guide you through each step of this journey towards becoming a skilled guitarist and musician. This course can be used as a performing/fine arts credit to meet the requirements for certain high school graduation tracks.

Note: Successful completion of Guitar 1 at ASU Prep required

Required Materials

To complete this course, you will need 1 of the following types of guitars:

  • 6 string acoustic
  • 6 string electric
  • 6 string classical

You will also want a few picks at your disposal.

Optional purchases that most players like to have on hand include:

  • 1 set of backup strings
  • 1 string winder / peg winder
  • 1 tuner app downloaded on your phone (or 1 physical tuner)